Week 7 — It’s a mess

This last week rough in plumbing and electrics started. Monday evening we walking through with our electrician (another former classmate) to place lights and outlets. I’ll just say wow…that was a little overwhelming. Mostly because I hadn’t given much thought to anything other than a few lights I knew I wanted. Otherwise I felt like I was saying “whatever is normal” in terms of outlet placement. It felt weird to see marking up the studs for all the switch and outlet placement. Imagine it when we were asked to draw our island on the sub-flooring and the wood stove on the concrete.

Once we did our walk through they started putting in boxes, switch boxes and all the other ‘fixtures’ that will hold the canned lighting and actual lights and ceiling fans. They’ve strung lots of wire this week and while it doesn’t look like BIG stuff, it’s a lot of progress and work.

Plumbing seemed to move quickly too. We even got tub/shower units in on Thursday this week. That definitely felt surreal. Lily is more than happy to show you where her bathtub will be (it’s in our main hall bath, but she’s certain it’s only hers).

Lily is a bit dismayed at all the wood chips from the holes for plumbing and electrics that are accumulating on her bedroom floor. She walks back to her room and says “It’s a mess”. She doesn’t seem to mind digging holes in the dirt piles, but apparently the wood shavings on the floor bother her a bit.

The weather was beautiful enough we had a few picnics on the patio and deck. We even had our first dinner guests this week when Kerry’s folks came to join us for pizza on the patio Saturday evening. The railing and steps were finished this week and it looks so incredible. I am just thrilled every time we drive down the drive way at how it’s all coming together. It looks better than I even imagined.

The weekend we went to pick out flooring, purchased vanity tops, island and dining room lights. We also bought some outside sconces…I’m not sure I like them. In the store they looked plenty big, but when I held them up on the wall, they look too small. We’ll see…

On to next week…I can’t wait.

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