A Long Overdue update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update…okay over a month. In reality, it’s busy season as my job and I spend lots of hours on the computer during the day…the last thing I want to do in the evening is be on the computer so I haven’t felt much like posting. And with the warmer weather we all just want to be outside anyway. Here’s what has happened over the last month…

Plumbing: All of the rough in plumbing and HVAC is done. They got rural water to our property, now all that is left is the trenching from the meter to the house (about 650 ft). We’ve had some rain so once it dries out hopefully they’ll get to it.

Insulation: Kerry and the older boys insulated the basement and the contractor came in and insulated the main floor. We used blown in cellulose insulation as it seals a bit better and is just a good as the rolled stuff.

Garage doors: Installed and openers working. They really helped finish the look of the east side of the house.

Sheetrock: Up. It took two guys two days to sheetrock the entire house. We couldn’t believe it. They worked 12-14 hour days, but were done quickly! It’s amazing how different it feels with actual walls and a ceiling! Now we are waiting for them to start mud and tape so we can paint soon.

Hearth: Almost ready to pour. Kerry is planning to pour the hearth top with concrete so he’s been reinforcing and forming to get ready to pour. Right now, the kids like to pretend it’s a stage.

Paint and flooring: Purchased and ready for when the mud and tape is done. The flooring should be in next week along with our kitchen cabinets…we can hardly wait.

Trim: Oh the trim! I wanted wider trim so we got pine boards and are sanding and staining them ourselves. It sounded like a doable task until our builder told us just how many feet of trim we were buying…it’s over 1/2 a mile! We’ve started sanding it and will take some to my brother in law’s to run through the drum sander this weekend to help speed up the process. I have stained all of the windows and started staining on the trim we are done sanding.

Sunsets: Amazing. It’s still one of my favorite things and I try to make sure my work is wrapped up in time to catch the sunset from the deck each evening. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching the sun melt below the horizon while hearing the birds sing their evening songs.

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