The Ground Level

It’s amazing how much has been accomplished in the last 10 days! I’d imagine our builder and his crew sleep well at night, I know I would.

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather the last few days…perfect weather for pouring more concrete. I’ve wondered a couple times if Kerry wished he could be out there helping pour these last two days. He poured concrete when we were in high-school and first married (I get to wear some of his profits as my wedding band) and always enjoyed it.

This week the last window well, retaining walls for the walk out basement were formed and poured. We’ve also seen the beginnings of plumbing for the basement bathroom and mechanical room.

Yesterday (Tuesday) they poured the garage floor and laid the support mats for the basement floor.

It was fun to get a message from Scott, Kerry’s cousin, today that there was a concrete pumper truck up on the hill. We knew we were getting a floor today! It was fun to stand at the top, look down and imagine the layout of the rooms downstairs. The kids thought the echos when they yelled were pretty impressive.

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