We Have Power!

Thursday brought electricity to our future home on the hill! Kerry’s cousin Scott sent us a couple pictures of the bucket trucks in the morning. The install guys called me to verify pole placement. I was so nervous to tell them yes…that’s right where it should be…it’s so permanent.

We went out Thursday evening to check the poles out and watch the sunset from our new basement. I’m sure Kerry gets tired of driving me out there, but it’s been so fun to go out almost every evening and watch the sun go down from our ‘someday’ deck.

They also made the relief cuts in the basement this on Thursday before the weather turned cold. I sat in the corner of our future guest room and watched the sun disappear slowly behind the clouds. We also got word this week that we have been ‘officially’ added to the docket for rural water and they’ll start working up our estimate this week.

1 thought on “We Have Power!

  1. So glad you get rural water. I remember when growing up in rural Lyon county and rural water came. I think my mom would have done cartwheels if she could have. She was ever so thankful. It changed our lives.

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