Here we go!

After our basement was poured, it was a long month of December while we waited for the concrete to cure. It was fun to go out and sit on the west side of the basement to watch the sunset a few of the nice evenings. We also found may have used the big giant dirt piles as a back-stop for target practice once or twice.

This week the progress has really felt like things were moving along! We’ve gone from the basement, to seal plates and marking off doorways and walls, to seeing the basement take shape and begin to be framed.

Monday evening

We didn’t make it out on Tuesday, but I was thankful my mother in law sent a picture of the first frames going up in the basement.


Unfortunately I had to take one of the boys to ortho so wasn’t able to go out in the afternoon on Wednesday, but Kerry drove out to sneak a peek after work. Looking at the pictures he sent brought tears to my eyes. It’s getting so real and so exciting. The floor joists are in and most of the basement is framed!

We also got a little more rock on the driveway today. The weather has been wet enough and since we’re building a house in the middle of a field, it gets a little muddy. I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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  1. We moved our house off and poured a full basement and turned the house a quarter turn and put it back on. I remember that when we poured the footings it rained 7 inches that night. We had a swimming g pool the next morning. Its been fun to watch your house take shape every day as I go to work and come home.

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