It was cold, rainy and gray today…a typical winter day in Kansas. I wasn’t sure how much our builder would get done today, I know I WOULDN’T want to be working outside in this weather.

Just as I was about to walk away from my desk for the day I got an email from our builder asking us to go take a look and make sure everything looked good because they were going to start framing the main floor tomorrow. What!?!

As soon as Kerry got home from work we headed out to our site. As we walked around to look at the markings for the main floor and imagining how it will all look finished it was so surreal. We walked from room to room and looked out the ‘some-day’ windows, placed furniture and walked the ‘would-be’ halls.

Thankfully our builder is super flexible because we decided on the fly we wanted to make one “tiny” change to a wall placement. I’m not sure anything could be any more low-stress than building a house with Lyndl!

Here are some pictures from today:

Our hallway coming in from the garage is just to the left side of this picture.
Standing in my planned office.

We had the privilege to watch our friend’s boys today for a bit. We just love having them over to play and they fall in with the rest of the crowd! Today the kids played Legos, built with blocks and picked locks. 🙂

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