If we ever build a house

Kerry and I started dating when we were 15 & 16. I was a Junior in high-school and Kerry was a sophomore. We had a pretty good idea when we were in high-school yet that we wanted to get married (probably much sooner than our parents knew at the time).

On the drive home to his house, just before his mile, we’d come up over the hill and pass a spot that I loved. There is an old wood cow chute back in the pasture and see the Flint hills for miles. I’d always say “If we every build a house…that would be a good place”. Kerry being the practical one of our pair, would smile and nod.

Last summer we started talking to mom and dad about what their plans were for their land and settling things with the farm. The family all sat around the table with a plot map and talked about the acres we’d like to buy if it became a possibility. We shared that if the opportunity came, we’d like the purchase the 80 acres “on the hill”. Earlier this year, the opportunity came for us to purchase. We closed on the land in July and thought we’d cash rent it out and sit on it for a few years. But then…

But then we started dreaming a little more about what it might be like to build sooner rather than later. The beginning of August found us toying with the idea of listing our home. We weren’t quite sure though…we had some projects to finish and didn’t have place to live if we actually sold it before the new house was built. So we waited, prayed, talked with our builder and prayed some more. We found ourselves “up on the hill” often watching the sun set and dreaming of what the future might hold.

The old cow chute and pen

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