To list or not to list

In August we found ourselves debating about listing our home. The housing market was good in our area, we knew we didn’t want the pressure of making two mortgage payments if we started construction on the new house before our current house sold. But there were two things holding us back…

  1. We didn’t have a place to live if we sold our home. With a family of 10, it’s not like we could easily find another place to live. The rental market was tight and we wouldn’t fit well in mom and dad’s basement.
  2. We had some unfinished projects. We had some things we wanted to get done before we sold the home we were in and weren’t sure if we’d be able to get those done before listing.

We prayed a lot for God to open doors if we were supposed to list our house and if this is what He had for us. We had our realtor out in early August to walk through, tell us what to focus on and realistically what a comparable price might be. We came up with a 3 stage plan…list then if it didn’t sell, take it off the market and list again in 45 days or so. Then if it didn’t sell wait until spring to list a 3rd time. We had time on our side so we thought.

We began to focus on the projects we wanted to get done and as with all things, they took longer than we wanted. Just before Labor Day we called our realtor, ready to list. We were a little anxious but our prayer throughout was “God, open doors if this is what we’re supposed to do. If not, close them solidly”. We still didn’t have plans or a place to live if the house sold, but we trusted God would provide for us.

Things started to feel very real when we started getting showing requests within a couple hours of the listing going live.

Our listing sheet

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