A place to live?

We went to bed the night after listing our home a bit anxious. We had a number of showings scheduled already but still didn’t have a place to live *if* it sold.

The morning after listing I was praying again that God would open or close doors if this wasn’t His plan for us. About 10:30 that morning we got an email from our long term renters. They had just purchased a house and would be moving out in 30 days…I gasped a bit…

We have owned a house in Goessel for years. We lived there previously when Gabe and Otto were toddlers, but had been using it as a rental for the last 15 years or so. We’d been fortunate to have good long term renters so we were a little surprised they were moving out but also very happy for them. Normally, having renters move out would be stressful, but we couldn’t help but wonder if this might the way God would provide a place for us to live if our house sold.

Our rental house, checked a lot of boxes for us. 3 bathrooms (big deal with 10 people) and enough living space without anyone needing to sleep in a tent in the backyard. 🙂 There were a couple of drawbacks… the yard isn’t huge and it is town so it would be a big adjustment for us…but…it would meet our needs and it would provide us with a temporary place to live while we built.

I texted Kerry and told we’d been given notice and then I typed “Is this a door?” Our first showings were scheduled for that night and we couldn’t help but be a little hopeful that maybe…just maybe…our house would sell.

Also, can I tell you…keeping a house ‘show ready’ while 10 people, 2 dogs, 2 goats and bunch of chickens are all still living there is super tough. Every time we left for showings we’d have to load our dogs (BIG…dogs) in the back of the van and head to my in-laws to hang out. Our boys each had ‘zones’ to clean and prep before we left for showings and that helped keep things a little more ‘ready’ each day. But it was definitely something that we wouldn’t want to do long term. 🙂

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